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Treasure Quest


Treasure Quest is a turn-based online dungeon crawl, set in a randomly generated dungeon. Players compete to collect as much loot as possible and recover the Legendary Treasure Hoard before the turn limit runs out.

  • Each game you must fight your way through four floors of increasingly deadly monsters.
  • Collect treasures along the way to boost your score and earn bragging rights.
  • Discover magical items to increase your strength and further your progress.

Treasure Quest is built using the BYOND game engine and must have the BYOND client software installed. It's free to build and play, unintrusive, and easy to use, while still delivering the power and flexibility to build most any kind of game you can dream of. Highly recommended for any amateur game developer, and a great resource for players to, with a growing stable of quality freeware games (completely unlike the garbage you'll find around here ;P)


Current version: v1.14.

Latest Updates

4/25- v1.14

  • Slightly over-hasty releasing the last patch. This fixes a bug with changing dungeon depth while a game is in progress.

4/25- v1.13

At long last! No new content yet, but this bug fix has been a long time coming. Expect more updates in the reasonably near future.

  • Fixed long-standing repop bug.
  • Added several new host settings to tweak the game. Also added a settings verb so players can see what's going on.

1/1- v1.12

  • Fixed bug where quests could not be completed. Again. (There was a problem with item-finding quests).
  • Fixed a problem with turn timing last release where effects would wear off before combat (this bugged intimidate and channel, among other things).
  • Tweaked blunderbusses; they are now weaker, and explode less often (but are no longer super-reliable in the hands of soldiers).
  • Added several new classes, items, monsters.
  • Fixed a minor bug where equipment effects would stack when they weren't supposed to. This involved fiddling with some stuff rather deep in the engine, so there's a possibility that something may have been broken by the change, but I haven't noticed anything yet.

12/31- v1.11

  • Fixed a bug that popped up in last release where quests could not be completed.

12/30- v1.10

  • Improved world.status reporting. The hub page should report the correct number of players now, and also displays the host and game's current status.
  • Soldier and barbarian NPCs no longer react to players that cannot recruit them.
  • Changed the way that effect triggers are handled in the code. This should hopefully have no visible effect on the gameplay, but will cut out a tremendous amount of unnecessary processing.
  • Switched the map generator to a more scaleable system, in order to support future additions such as a setting for number of floors.
  • Added ban system.
  • Implemented support for effects canceling each other out. Now potions of luck will cancel out curses, and vice-versa.
  • Fixed bug in map generator where rooms would ocassionally be generated with no exits.
  • Tweaked map generator to be slightly more mazelike. Also made some effort to spread stairs out more evenly, although they're still pretty random.
  • Implemented team mode. Teammates cannot attack one another and have their scores combined.
  • Rudimentary support for players following one another.
  • Changed the way repops work.
  • Any monster that kills the treasure bearer turns into a new Eternal Guardian, to prevent treasure-hoard-in-the-archfiend-room syndrome.

12/27- v1.00

  • First public release.
  • Fixed bug where players could move after being engaged in combat by a player.
  • Fixed an obscure bug with the barbarian's intimidate ability.
  • Implemented "solo mode". When turned on, allows the game to be played single-player without waiting to move.
  • Added inventory sorting function.

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