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Leftley's Games

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April 25, 2005: He's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!

Sorry I haven't been updating much; school and work have been double-teaming me pretty hard. However, I've finally managed to get my old project files transferred to my new computer so I could upload Treasure Quest. Some of you may have seen the new project I've been working on in the interim, but now that I have my stuff set up I'm going to be shifting more towards working on TQ.

January 1, 2005: Treasure Quest v1.12

A couple bugfixes, and most importantly, New Stuff. Get it at the Treasure Quest page.

December 30, 2004: Treasure Quest Updated

Treasure Quest v1.1.

December 27, 2004: Website Open

Welcome to the new website for my game design projects! Currently only Treasure Quest is online, but I hope to have LaserWars and Nyctophobia updated soon.

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